My TechShorts give you easy to follow guidance to help you conquer some of your biggest technical challenges in your business AND you get access to my exclusive customer-only Facebook group to ask me questions, get advice on how to overcome your tech challenges any time. 

Each Techshort is up to one-hour video presentation featuring the steps, actions, templates and strategies to conquer a specific technical challenge that you can implement in your business to help you better serve your community and boost your bottom line.

I've been working in the technical space online since 2008, but before that I worked in marketing and technology industries for top Canadian commercial brands like Mission Hill Wineries and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

As a TechShort member you can personally reach out anytime to get micro-consulting from me via the customer only Facebook Group or even Facebook Messenger.  You can ask any question you have about what you are working on and trying to figure out in your business and I'll provide you suggestions to help you figure it all out.

Two Ways to Get My TechShorts: 

Option 1: Purchase any available individual TechShort you'd like for $50 

Option 2: Become an annual TechShort Member for $200 and get: 

  • Immediate access to all the current TechShorts indicated below
  • Access to the next 6 TechShorts published over the course of the next year
  • Access to micro-consulting via the client-only Facebook Group & Facebook Messages
  • The opportunity to vote on upcoming TechShort topics

Available TechShorts

Click on the title of the available TechShort to learn more and purchase it individually

Image Optimization Essentials

Optimizing your images to help keep your website running smoothly and keeping it fast is one of the easier things you can do, but to KNOW how to do in an easy to follow process is something different.  This quick training shows you how

WordPress Maintenance Essentials

Your Website is Like Your Car. Neglecting your Oil Changes will Hurt Your Car. Same thing happens if you ignore your website updates! This TechShort will show you the best practices for the Non-Techie Website Owner to maintain and manage their website!

Tools for Every Stage of Your Business

Choosing the right tools no matter what stage you're at in your business.  The video is ready, but the sales page is not!  If you'd like access to this then get in touch and I'll happily send you a link.

TechShorts Coming in 2024

Below is the schedule of planned TechShorts coming in 2024 as well as when they will be available.

  • Connecting it All: An overview of opt-ins, products, funnels & how it all connects [April 2024]
  • Technical SEO Foundations: SEO is more than just keywords [June 2024]
  • Website Analytics Simplified: The stats that matter, events and easy to use alternatives [August 2024]
  • Email Marketing Tools: How to connect your email marketing to everything (from adding your option, to adding it to your site) [October 2024]
  • Reusable Blocks: How to use reusable blocks to create content faster [December 2024]

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What people have said about my trainings


Renee is the missing piece in the blogging puzzle for me. I'm not bad at figuring things out but you never know whether you have figured it out right or not. Other times, I'm clueless. Whatever the situation, Renee is there to help with clear and easy to understand information that also teaches me what to do for the future. She's completely invaluable!! ~ Angela T.


Renee holds your hand as you build your internet business. She knows both the tech stuff and the marketing. ~ Barbara Allisen aka Mrs. A


Renee has been a huge help to me in figuring out how to use my website. She goes above and beyond the job always! She tries to help me figure out how to fix my problem myself, and if I can't, she's always willing to step in and help with what I can't do. ~ Brenda M.


Just want to say that Renee Shupe is one amazing lady. I've been frustrated with the technical minefield of setting up an online product for the last two weeks. She gave me some of her time last night and some great recommendations which will NO DOUBT save me stacks of time and money this year. Thank you dear lady. You're bloomin' awesome! - Chinmay D.


Thanks so much Renee! This was an excellent, timely eCourse. Loved your delivery and seeing your smiling face ~ Deni


I just listened to the call with Renee Shupe. Thank you so much Renee! It was so helpful, and I took notes. I especially found your many product ideas, your mind clutter system to a create a product and your price range suggestions most helpful. Creating a product that people need, which sells itself is such an important reminder! It think that as entrepreneurs, we can all very well have multiple streams of income. I will be looking into your ebook tonight. I'm at that stage where I'm in the process of beginning to create a product. So, thanks again! Much appreciated. ~ Jessica Maria B.


Taking Renee's advice about SEO, has made my traffic steadily increase since just November. Renee is always quick to help you anyway she can and explains things in a way that make sense and are easy to follow. ~ Gina B.


'Renee's willingness to help. Her choice of topics for training has been what I need. I suffered from a lot of technical frustration as I attempted to get moving in the internet world. I liked the sound of Renee's down-to-earth approach. I love what you provide Renee! - Jude L.


Renee truly rocks. She's smart, compassionate and organized. Knows marketing, technology and how to implement your ideas. ~ Judith S.


Renee is AMAZING! She is so patient and knowledgeable and explains tech things in easy to understand terms. She has helped me with Google analytics, make my site load faster, and too many other things to mention! If you need tech assistance for your website - Renee is the lady for you! ~ Surya C.


She is extremely generous with her expertise and frankly, I am not sure how she finds time to tend to us all! She must have super powers or really be three people. ~ Shelley M.